When Zara was very young she enjoyed gymnastics and swimming, but going into her teenage years she never felt comfortable with any type of sport. She would do anything to get out of PE at school and her uneasiness towards any physical activity continued into her adult life.

Having signed up to a gym membership, Zara’s yoga journey started by accident in 2013. The thought of aerobics or kettlebell classes filled her with dread, so she started attending an Ashtanga yoga class. Although she found it physically challenging there was something about it that she enjoyed and she started to attend on a weekly basis.  Falling pregnant with her youngest daughter meant that she stopped for a while, however she would be reunited with yoga a few years later, and that’s when her true love for the practice would blossom.

Feeling pretty rubbish in her body after a second cesarean and having suffered with depression and anxiety for a number of years, Zara felt the need to find something that created a little space in her head, but also something that strengthened her in a physical sense.

Zara began attending Felicity’s classes at the beginning of 2017 and it was here that she quickly became completely blown away by the feeling that yoga gave her.  She started going to Felicity’s classes multiple times a week and noticed huge changes within her physical and mental self.  For the first time in a long time she felt herself become stronger in every sense and loved the way that felt.

She went on her first yoga retreat with Felicity in October 2017 in Wales. As the retreat came to an end, in fact in the final moments of the Monday morning practice, she had a moment of clarity about what she should be doing in life; a sudden passion and desire to create space for others to feel how she felt when she was on her mat.

In September 2018, full of nerves and excitement, Zara packed her bags and embarked on her teacher training journey at Bristol School of Yoga with Laura Gilmore, the exact same 200-hour teacher training course that Felicity completed in 2014.

Felicity mentored Zara throughout her training and Zara started co-teaching our Yoga for Beginners courses with Felicity so that she could find her voice and confidence, and gain important teaching experience.

Zara qualified as a Yoga Alliance 200-hour certified teacher in September 2019. She then went on to complete an additional 33 hours of in-depth study of Restorative Yoga and graduated as a Restorative Yoga teacher in November 2019. Zara teaches from the heart with warmth and compassion, ever aware of the importance of creating a safe space in which her students can explore and develop their practice.

Zara teaches group classes, private tuition and our Yoga for Beginners course.