Clubbell Yoga is a dynamic and energising form of yoga which increases core strength, flexibility, muscle tone and endurance with an emphasis on precision, alignment and the breath.  Clubbell Yoga fuses Hatha Yoga with Clubbell® training through holding weighted 3lb or 5lb clubs within the yoga practice.

Enhance your fitness

Clubbell Yoga is perfect for those who want to improve their fitness, strength and flexibility and it’s also hugely effective in enhancing the athletic performance of those who are training for other sports such as running or cycling due to the way that it develops core muscular strength and endurance.

The practice incorporates sport specific movement training into every class, using multiple planes of movement simultaneously. Whereas most conventional fitness training teaches you to push or pull, or squat or lunge, Clubbell Yoga integrates rotation, lateral flexion and core stability into every sequence resulting in increased:

  • core strength
  • muscle endurance and tone
  • range of motion and joint mobility
  • flexibility
  • balance

Enhance your yoga practice

Whilst you’re in a posture, the Clubbell® becomes an extension of your arm and to hold it upright requires muscle activation in the shoulder girdle muscles, postural muscles and core muscles to keep it steady.  The body and mind become hyper-aware of the arm holding the Clubbell® and it becomes a somatic reminder to keep the core and arms engaged during the yoga poses in order to stabilise the shoulder. This helps you to:

  • stay focused and be in control of your body which promotes safe and efficient movement
  • find correct alignment in poses through a greater sense of mind-body connection
  • accelerate the development of your yoga practice due to the increased strength that you build through mindful muscle engagement
  • reduce the chance of injury in weight-bearing yoga poses as the shoulder stabilising muscles are recruited which strengthens the rotator cuff muscles

Anybody can practice

You don’t need to be fit, strong or flexible to practice Clubbell Yoga. That will come as a result of the classes, it’s not a prerequisite. You also don’t need to have any previous experience of yoga. The pace of the classes is adapted to suit all levels of fitness and experience. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how big or small your body is or whether you’re male or female. You just need to have a passion for moving your body and improving your fitness.


The elements of a class

Every Clubbell Yoga class has four main elements: awaken, condition, practice and restore:

Awaken: this first stage of the yoga practice is unweighted and warms up the body to release muscle tension, improve joint mobility and prepare the body for the movement patterns of the practice, connecting flowing vinyasa movement with the breath.

Condition: this second stage combines multiple repetitions of bodyweight and Clubbell® conditioning exercises which build strength, stamina and muscle tone, enhance athletic performance and create new pathways for improving quality of movement.

Practice: this third stage of the practice includes weighted and then unweighted yoga sequences, combining Vinyasa Flow and static Hatha Yoga postures which are specific to the movement patterns introduced in the awakening stage. Holding the Clubbell® within the yoga sequences requires continuous muscle activation and mind-body focus. Then, once it’s taken away, there is a greater awareness of alignment and the body can sink deeper into the postures.

Restore: the final stage of the practice is unweighted and uses slow static restorative postures to allow the body to soften, release and absorb the benefits of the practice.

What to expect

My Clubbell Yoga classes consist of both fast and slow pace movement, but the degree of speed and intensity is dictated by you. I encourage steady, mindful movement; for me it’s more important to give yourself time to find the right position and feel what is happening in your body, rather than moving super-fast and losing the connection and alignment. A steady, mindful practice can be challenging because holding postures requires muscle strength and mental focus.

I teach with a strong focus on alignment and precision through giving clear alignment queues and will adjust you to ensure that you are safely in the correct position, if you’d like me to. The class environment is open, non-competitive and supportive; I am highly aware of each individual’s physical and mental needs and remain attentive to this throughout, no matter whether you’re working with injury, pain, illness or stress.

See you on the mat!

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that you’re happy to sweat in and you don’t need footwear as it’s done with bare feet. I provide the mats, props and Clubbells® so you just need to come with a bottle of water, an open mind and a passion for moving your body! It’s also nice to bring a blanket or something warm to pop on for the savasana (relaxation) at the end, so you’re nice and snug.

Clubbell Yoga classes are available with private tuition so that I can work with you on an individual level at a time and in a place that suits you.

Contact me to learn more.